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Gutters Guard & Replacement

We provide a variety of guttering products to suit all your needs. One of our most popular features is the weather-resistant painted finish. Our painted guttering range consists of 80% gloss and 25% gloss.Our 80% Gloss range gives a finish comparable to car duco. You can choose from our range of 25 colours or plain steel. 

Hitek Roofing services the Sydney metropolitan area, with services that include:
Guttering replacement 
Gutters installation 
Coloured guttering 
Free guttering inspections, advice and quotes 

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Gutter Guard  

Aces Nu-Line is a gutter and fascia in one. It is a gutter designed for direct installation to roof rafters, without the use of timber fascia. Also known as fascia gutter or eaves gutter.

Aces Mini-Line is a smaller version of Ace Nu-Line Gutter, it has a similar front profile with a flat back to fit flush to the fascia using concealed or external brackets. Ace Mini-line rainwater capacity is approximately 20% more than 115mm Quad Gutter and with overflows designed in the front of Mini-Line makes it ideal for heavy rainfall areas.
Aces Square-line gutter is a square front gutter that is slotted and needs to be folded around corners, eliminating the use of external angles and fixed with concealed brackets. Ideal for garages and carports with overflow holes designed in the front.
Aces Half Round is a European style gutter with a semicircular design that is supported by external brackets. With a 150mm diameter it has a greater water capacity and the speed of the water travel is greater than a conventional gutter allowing to clear debris and silt. The great advantage of having this cylindrical design is that it has a self cleaning feature. 


Aces Roundline is a cylindrical designed gutter with a flat back and no external brackets. It is a European style gutter with a 150mm diameter and self cleaning feature.

Ace Quad is a traditional high front quadrant gutter used on colonial style houses and is very popular on new home construction. It is a slotted gutter with overflow holes and a 115mm diameter.
Old Style Quad has a lower front than Ace Quad and no overflow holes. This product is only available in NSW & ACT.

Roof Restoration

Roof restoration involves roof cleaning and resealing. Roof restoration not only improves the house’s appearance, it also ensures safety to you and your family. It is vital to hire an experienced professional to perform your roof restoration. We can give you solid and clear advice on the process of the roof restoration. In addition, we provide adviceonappropriate colours of the roof, sun reflection coats etc if needed. We use proper safely equipments and tools. 

Roof restoration procedure is based on these key steps: 


Cement Roof Restoration Process (Step by Step)

1. Roof before commencing work   2. Pressure cleaning of concrete
roof tiles
  3. Cleaning out gutters

6. Re-point all ridge capping
using Flexi-Point
  5. Re-bed of ridge caps   4. Clean mess around
the house

7. Applying Primer-Bond   8. Applying High-Built sealer   9. Applying 1st coat of colour

12. Completion of work   11. 2nd coat of colour   10. 2nd coat of colour

We provide metal roof repairs and cleaning, restoration, replacement, paining and recolouring. A lot of the times, only rusted sheeting and screws needed to be replaced and the rest of the roof can be restored by DULUX ACRATEX 962 or ROOF & TRIM COLORBOND. Dulux Acratex 962 is a pre-packed semi gloss cardboard that can be used in all types of roofs including galvanised iron and colorbond . They are available in popular colorbond colours. This will surely save thousands of dollars for home owners!!! 

Free metal roof inspections, advice and quotes 
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Metal Roofing Videos

Metal Roof Restoration

Metal Roofing 1

Metal Roofing 2

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